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Brigitta Busch


facultas.wuv 2013, 232 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8252-3774-5
EUR [A] 19.60 / EUR [D] 18.99

If you are interested in reviewing (any of) the title(s) below, please send an e-mail to the review editor. Please also contact us if you would like to suggest books for review.

  • Linguistic Variation in Research Articles. When Discipline only Tells Part of the Story. (Studies in Corpus Linguistics 71). / Gray, Bethany. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: Benjamins 2015.
  • The Discourse of Nurse-Patient Interactions: Contrasting the Communicative Styles of U.S. and International Nurses. (Studies in Corpus Linguistics 72). / Staples, Shelley. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: Benjamins 2015.
  • Facetten der Fachsprachenvermittlung Englisch - Hands on ESP Teaching. (Studien zu Fach, Sprache und Kultur 5). / Busch-Lauer, Ines-Andrea. Tübingen: Frank & Timme 2015.
  • Die österreichischen Wirtschaftssprachen. Terminologie und diatopische Variation. (Forum für Fachsprachen-Forschung 125). / Messina, Chiara. Berlin: Frank & Timme 2015.
  • English as a Scientific and Research Language. Debates and Discourses English in Europe, Volume 2. (Language and Social Life 3). / Plo Alastrué, Ramón/Pérez-Llantada, Carmen. Berlin, New York u.a.:
    de Gruyter 2015.
  • Cognitive Lexicography. A New Approach to Lexicography Making Use of Cognitive Semantics. (Lexicographica. Series Maior 149). / Ostermann, Carolin. Berlin, New York u.a.: de Gruyter 2015.
  • Interactions, Images and Texts. A Reader in Multimodality. (Trends in Applied Linguistics 11). / Norris, Sigrid/Maier, Carmen Daniela. Berlin, New York u.a.: de Gruyter 2015.
  • CLIL Revisited. Eine kritische Analyse zum gegenwärtigen Stand des bilingualen Sachfachunterrichts. (forum ANGEWANDTE LINGUISTIK 54). / Rüschoff, Bernd/Sudhoff, Julian/Wolff, Dieter (Hrsg.).
    Frankfurt a. M. u.a.: Lang 2015.


Review editor and bibliography:

Ines-A. Busch-Lauer (Zwickau/Germany)


Issue 3-4/2016, 300 dpi