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We welcome your suggestions for our publication. The editors of the journal FACHSPRACHE are looking forward to receiving your wishes, concerns and suggestions for publication by e-mail.

Dear Authors,
Thank you very much for your interest in submitting your research work to Fachsprache for publication. We receive a growing number of exciting, high-quality scholarly papers. In order to better support the journal's review and production processes and to ensure a multifaceted scope of research and methodology covered by Fachsprache, we would like you to consider two central submission deadlines: by 
31 May
 and by 15 November. About 4 weeks after these dates, following the editorial board meetings, you will receive notification whether we can accept your paper submission for double-blind review or not. 

Contribution details

  • Percentage of articles which were accepted for publication within the last year: 50 %
  • Number of External Reviewers (outside the staff of the journal): 32
  • Number of Internal Reviewers: 4
  • Does the author receive a copy of the reviewers' comments: Yes, in an anonymous version (double-blind review)

Please note that contributions must comply with the guidelines for contributors:

Guidelines for authors
In order to be accepted, all contributions to FACHSPRACHE must follow certain guidelines.

Guidelines in English (pdf)

AutorInnen-Richtlinien auf Deutsch (pdf)

For your convenience, we have also prepared a style sheet for use in Microsoft Word.

Style sheet for contributions to FACHSPRACHE (dot)


Please contact the editors at

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FACHSPRACHE is the leading European journal of Specialized Communication. Advertisements reach researchers, academics, professionals, university institutes, etc.
We also put great importance on cooperating with the press. If you have any questions regarding advertisements, press, rights & permissions please do not hesitate to contact us:

Katharina Schindl
Facultas Projektmanagement Zeitschriften
Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaften

Issue 3-4/2017, 300 dpi