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Brigitta Busch


facultas.wuv 2013, 232 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8252-3774-5
EUR [A] 19.60 / EUR [D] 18.99

FACHSPRACHE - International Journal of Specialized Communication


FACHSPRACHE - International Journal of Specialized Communication is a refereed international journal that publishes original articles on all aspects of specialized communication and provides an interdisciplinary forum for researchers and teachers interested in this field.

FACHSPRACHE is committed to promoting high-quality research and to improving specialized communication and knowledge transfer including the qualifications required for this. The journal places equal emphasis on rigour and comprehensibility in an attempt to bridge the gap between researchers who may come from different disciplines but who share a common interest in specialized communication. These disciplines may range from linguistics, psychology, lexicography, terminology, and translation studies to the neurosciences as well as domains such as business administration, economics, law, medicine, science and engineering. Special issues focusing on particular individual areas are published regularly.





The editorial board:

Jan Engberg (Aarhus/Denmark)

Ines-Andrea Busch-Lauer (Zwickau/Germany)

Nina Janich (Darmstadt/Germany)

Hanna Risku (Graz/Austria)

Review editor and bibliography:

Ines-A. Busch-Lauer (Zwickau/Germany)

The editorial secretary:

Anja Steinhauer (Wiesbaden/Germany)

Publication details
2 double issues a year. Contributions in English, German, French and Spanish.

ISSN: 1017-3285

FACHSPRACHE is available at an annual subscription price of EUR 68,- respectively a price of EUR 45,- for students. Backdated subscriptions are accepted. Back issues are available for EUR 36,- each.


FACHSPRACHE is published by facultas, a Vienna-based publisher.

International Advisory Board

Kirsten Adamzik, Genève
Peter Bierbaumer, Graz
Albert Busch, Göttingen
Marianne Grove Ditlevsen, Aarhus
Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow, Zürich
Christian Enzinger, Graz
Pamela Faber Benítez, Heidelberg
Ekkehard Felder, Heidelberg
Daniel Gile, Paris
Claus Gnutzmann, Braunschweig
Maurizio Gotti, Bergamo
Susanne Göpferich, Gießen
Joachim Grabowski, Hannover
Dorothee Heller, Bergamo
Britta Hufeisen, Darmstadt
John Humbley, Paris
Eva-Maria Jakobs, Aachen
Peter Kastberg, Aarhus
Bernhard Kettemann, Graz
Wolf Peter Klein, Würzburg
Bruce Maylath, Fargo/North Dakota
Aljoscha Neubauer, Graz
Markus Nickl, Erlangen
Markus Nussbaumer, Bern
Thorsten Roelcke, Berlin
Margaret Rogers, Guildford/Surrey
Dale Sullivan, Fargo/North Dakota
Elke Teich, Saarbrücken
Rita Temmerman, Brussels
Catherine Way, Granada
Arne Ziegler, Graz

Issue 3-4/2017, 300 dpi